Driving innovation in business software

The market demand for GRC spans across industry sectors and is validated by Agile 3 Solutions’ client references that include a leading global technology firm, major media and entertainment company, and global financial services organization. Agile 3 Solutions is able to build a product that appeals to clients due to directly working with major clients and utilizing its client engagements as a source of requirements for product development. Innovative and proven client solutions, based on Agile 3 Solutions’ intellectual property, are integrated into the product. 

The Agile 3 Solutions team consists of successful and experienced business and technical leaders as well as an innovative, creative, and talented global development team. The variety of experiences brought together by the team is vital to solving the challenges addressing organizations. The team’s technical, business, operational, and financial experience are all key factors in developing a solution that spans business silos and helps clients transform their current processes, implement necessary governance controls, and transcend established and accepted methods to distance themselves from competitors and set new standards for operational efficiency. The Agile 3 Solutions team possesses the knowledge, intellectual property, and expertise to help our clients succeed on this journey.

Build innovative solutions for our clients to transform business processes, enhance business governance, and improve efficiencies in a challenging business environment.

Agile 3 Solutions transforms today's business processes with next generation solutions, enables effective governance by providing insights into business performance and transcends organizations to the next level of business maturity resulting in a competitive advantage. 

Value Drivers
We have been the thought leaders in the industry for over 5 years when we conceptualized Agile 3 Solutions. We have successfully implemented solutions in major companies during this period. We assure - 

  • Quicker Realization
  • Shorter ROI
  • Reduced Adoption Cycle
  • Empowerment of Business Users

The dream of fore-runners in the Service oriented industry in 2004 conceptualized into Agile 3 Solutions in mid-2009.

Raghu Varadan, Founder and Managing Director

Raghu Varadan, Founder and Managing Director

Who we are

Raghu Varadan was formerly the Chief Architect of IBM's SOA Center of Excellence and the SOA Solutioning Leader responsible for IBM Global Business Services top clients and SOA opportunities worldwide. He is a published writer, a sought after speaker, an accomplished inventor with over 30 patents in the pipeline with the USPTO. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at Carnegie-Mellon University (where he teaches Enterprise Architectures and sponsors student projects), and he is also a budding entrepreneur in next generation SOA business services and solutions. 

Raghu is a co-inventor of IBM's SOA Governance and Management Method (SGMM) and Service Integration Maturity Model (SIMM), among other key SOA offerings and consulting assets that have made a major business impact for IBM Global Business Services SOA capabilities to deliver value for its clients. 
Raghu has led major initiatives for SOA enablement across IBM worldwide and has been leading customer-facing delivery of SOA capabilities for IBM. Enterprise SOA Transformation at Toyota Motor Sales USA, Visa SOA Strategy and numerous SOA implementations which have been the first-of-its-kind for IBM and its clients have been Raghu's primary focus since 2002. During Jan. 2007- Jan 2009, Raghu has also held the responsibility of IBM's SOA Solutioning Leader where he was responsible to deliver complex SOA solutions for some very large client initiatives.