Business Program Management & Compliance (BPMC)

Business Program Management & Compliance is a set of management capabilities that provide insights into the performance of business programs and guidance on appropriate courses of action to ensure that the programs will be in conformance with compliance requirements. The increasing complexity and compliance requirements facing organizations requires that greater vigilance be placed over business programs to avoid potential compliance violations. This translates into organizational governance requirements and controls to ensure that any changes do not adversely affect dependent business programs or compliance. 

Agile 3 Solutions’ Business Program Management & Compliance (BPMC) solution is a management dashboard that enables business leaders to view metrics associated with business programs and processes that is vital to making strategic decisions. The BPMC dashboard provides visibility across business programs, specific business function level views, and provides applicable legislative documentation.


  • Delivers a business program management and compliance dashboard
  • Enables effective business governance by offering insights into certifications, events, and escalations necessary to attain compliance.
  • Provides early visibility into potential issues enabling proactive measures to be taken prior to the issues becoming prevalent.