An innovative software suite

Agile 3 Solutions is building innovative suite of products to aid customers in transforming their business operations due to today's challenging and competitive economic climate. This product will enable clients to realize significant improvements in business process efficiencies and will provide business leaders with insights into business processes and operations performance that is vital for making strategic business decisions.


Business Program Management & Compliance is a set of management capabilities that provide insights into the performance of business programs and guidance on appropriate courses of action to ensure that the programs will be in conformance with compliance requirements. The increasing complexity and compliance requirements facing organizations requires that greater vigilance be placed over business programs to avoid potential compliance violations. This translates into organizational governance requirements and controls to ensure that any changes do not adversely affect 

dependent business programs or compliance.

Agile 3 Solutions’ Business Program Management & Compliance (BPMC) solution is a management dashboard that enables business leaders to view metrics associated with business programs and processes that is vital to making strategic decisions. The BPMC dashboard provides visibility across business programs, specific business function level views, and provides applicable legislative documentation.

The key features of BPMC include, 

  • Delivers a business program management and compliance dashboard
  • Enables effective business governance by offering insights into certifications, events, and escalations necessary to attain compliance.
  • Provides early visibility into potential issues enabling proactive measures to be taken prior to the issues becoming prevalent.


Business Risk iDNA™ is the ability to identify potential risks to sensitive business information assets that may affect business processes, operations, and competitiveness. An organization’s sensitive business information assets consist of customer information, intellectual property, employee information, merger & acquisition plans, financial information, sales strategy, and much more. These information assets are necessary and used by business processes across the organization that relies on their availability and integrity in order to complete their operations. In some cases, these information assets are the basis for competitive differentiation and provide a market advantage. Gaining an understanding of the types of sensitive assets, their value to the organization, how they are protected, and what compliance requirements apply to the information are fundamental in order to make strategic decisions and apply appropriate controls.

Agile 3 Solutions’ Business GRC: iDNA™ delivers this capability and enables business leaders to view their sensitive information assets and risks at-a-glance. Agile 3 Solutions’ Business GRC: iDNA™ goes even further by

integrating with SIEM and infrastructure governance products to map potential threats against sensitive business assets to identify critical assets at risk – an industry first. Business GRC: iDNA™ empowers business leaders by providing vital and timely information neces- sary to protect the organization. Utilizing rich visualization techniques, Agile 3 Solutions’ Business GRC: iDNA™ delivers an intuitive interface depicting valuable business information assets at risk that motivates business leaders to make critical decisions.

Agile 3 Solutions Business GRC: iDNA™ allows managers to visualize risks to sensitive assets across departments and business functions and understand the potential impacts to the organization. This is accomplished by discovering and classifying sensitive information, analyzing incidents and threat vectors from SIEM-type prod- ucts, analyzing reports from infrastructure governance and management products, and performing advanced analytics functions to identify sensitive assets subject to potential compromise. This ability to associate potential risks within a business context is a unique capability.


The key features of iDNA™ include,

  • Gain visibility into sensitive business information assets within the organization
  • Gain visibility into sensitive business information assets at risk due to potential attack vectors
  • Mitigate risks and avoid loss of vital assets
  • Guidance on remedial actions
  • Enable proactive application of security measures
  • Effect positive behavior changes and responses to risks